Our Factory

The perfect location

When we decided to create a specialist kitchen facility that could serve our clients in Fife and beyond, it took us time to find the perfect site. We wanted somewhere with a model manufacturing layout and plenty of space – and we found it in Glenrothes, Fife.

A model manufacturing layout

Our factory’s streamlined process ensures clarity and defined roles for everyone involved, from the delivery of raw materials to the final despatch and installation in our client’s home. This highly efficient route allows complete visibility of each individual’s part in the process, ensuring optimal productivity and the highest quality end product.

1. Dream Kitchen Design

Once you book your FREE design consultation, we will guide you through the whole kitchen journey. You will have a design consultation with one of the expert kitchen designers who will bring your dream kitchen to life with state of the art 4D design software. You will be able to add appliances and picture the kitchen with your own eyes

2. Our factory receives your order

Once you are happy with your kitchen design, it is then sent to our state of the art factory in Glenrothes. Our highly skilled local workforce then proceeds to create your ideal kitchen with utmost precision and attention to detail.

3. Precision Made

As professionals, we understand the importance of delivering top-notch products to our clients. Our company uses cutting-edge computer-controlled technology to cut all panels and items in your kitchen precisely. We continuously invest in the latest machinery to ensure the highest precision and quality.

4. Assembled by experts

After the design process, our skilled technicians and craftsmen will meticulously put together your cabinets, ensuring every detail is taken care of. We use top-of-the-line drawers, and internal fixtures to ensure the highest quality. Finally, your preferred door will be installed onto your stunning cabinet, perfectly complementing or contrasting with the overall design. Our commitment to professionalism ensures that every aspect of the process is executed to perfection.

5. Quality assurance

Before delivery, our team of experts thoroughly inspect all the cabinets, worktops and shelves that make up your dream kitchen. We take immense pride in our work and ensure that your kitchen arrives in impeccable condition.

6. Delivered to you fully assembled

As professionals, we take pride in our commitment to delivering your kitchen with utmost care and efficiency. After completing and thoroughly inspecting your kitchen, with over 20 years of experience the delivery fleet will prepare it for transportation to your location. Our delivery teams consist of two individuals to ensure a smooth and hassle-free delivery process, minimizing potential disruptions to your property.

Are you interested in building your dream kitchen, bedroom, office, bathroom or extension?

Arrange a FREE, no-obligation design today. Our professional team will walk you through the whole journey so that you know each step of the process. Our service is completely transparent, and we offer 0% finance on all of our services so that you can enjoy the project from start to finish.


German quality to suit all budgets direct to you at our factory prices.

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